你好!欢迎来到这几周’#scottishwatches roundup!我知道我对天气谈了很多东西(见我的上一篇文章),但我真的很喜欢世界通过季节改变。这包括手表;你们一直在用跳线,肩带和喜怒无常的照明创造秋天的旗帜!

First up is this shot from @the.united.kingdom.of.horology. Taking the Mont Blanc Heritage GMT and putting it into a warm, low light gives me that feeling of an early evening walk in autumn. The weather is starting to cool but the sun is still warm on your face and the leaves through the trees are varying shades of greens and browns. Do you know what I mean?


How to say it’s autumn without actually saying it’s autumn – LIKE THIS! Take the classic Black Bay 58 complete with vintage-inspired details, add in a cool tan coloured suede strap, throw on a cosy jumper and there you have it! Simple, but effective. Kudos to @mrcritchlow!


@clockonawrist also gives us a zoomed in shot so you can also appreciate the Rolex 14060 up close. What a treat!

I do love a “pop of colour” and this shot of the S.U.F 180 from @thewatchshowfinland provides a heavy dose! While I love the turquoise version of this piece, the deep sunset red fits perfectly into this autumn-inspired shot, complete with khaki coat and a background of leaves. Not a bad nato choice either!


This shot from @hacking_2nds has put all of those summer dreams (and envy) into imagery.  From the dial to the background scenes (head over to their page for landscape shots to make you green with envy!) it’s summer time in a post. Get me to warmer climates ASAP – preferably with a colourful Doxa!